Beer lovers unite


Since it is Denver, that mean beer. Are there any other beer lovers who would be interested in checking out the local breweries?

so far on my list of Must Visit:
* Wynkoop Brewing Company:
* Rock Bottom Brewery :
* the Great Divide:
* Cheeky Monk :
* Falling Rock Tap House:

If enough people are interested, perhaps we can organize a crawl one night.

I'd add Euclid Hall and Denver Beer Company to your list... and I'd probably skip Rock Bottom, since it's a chain. Also, I think Wynkoop has been reserved by one of the Drupalcon sponsors for Drupalcon parties.

There's been talk in the Drupalcon planning channels of a pub crawl. I'm not involved with it, so I don't have details or know if it'll officially happen.

Thanks for the additional info.

I know Rock Bottom is a chain, we have one here in Boston. I'm mainly going because the one in Boston has their beer shipped in rather than brewed on site so I'm interested in trying their beers "fresh".

I agree with Jyee, though note that Rock Bottom is a Drupal site =)

Four more locations to consider:
Fresh Craft - has a great beer selection and solid/creative food.
Falling Rock Tap House - "no crap on tap"
Amato's Ale House - another great beer selection and solid food.
Breckenridge Brewery - Their 471 IPA is my favorite beer ever.

The breweries are fun, for sure, but if you want to just try beers then a restaurant with a big tap selection can be even better. They'll have the best 2 or 3 beers from each brewery.

looks like we have to start early ;)

but im in

If you want variety, I definitely recommend the Falling Rock Tap House (linked above)... they've got to have a couple hundred taps...

might be a good time to do this.

I have created a new post in the social activities forum, with the details about the crawl.

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