Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal

Training Details

Date: Monday, March 19, 2012
Session Time: 9:00am-6:00pm
Room: 206
Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.
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Do you want to learn Drupal?

Do you want to learn how to run a Drupal site professionally?

Do you want to get your questions answered by Drupal experts?

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Drupal is for you!

The course is aimed at getting Drupal novices up to speed as quickly as possible. They will learn the basics of content types, modules, themes, menus, blocks and user permissions by the end of the day will be able to successfully build a small Drupal site. The class will be an excellent introduction for Drupal beginners and will allow them to get more from the main DrupalCon sessions.

Who will gain the most from this course?

  1. Individuals wanting to learn Drupal best practices.
  2. Business owners or employees responsible for their company's Drupal website.
  3. Webdesigners looking to expand their service offerings by providing Drupal sites for clients.
  4. Web Professionals looking to save time by learning from Drupal experts.

What will you learn?

You'll learn how to build a Drupal website, from content and user organization, to working with modules and themes. The class will focus on Drupal 7 but questions are welcome on other versions.

Our teaching style is entirely hands-on. You'll have a Drupal site in front of you and will be actively working and learning throughout the class.

Here is the class syllabus:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Drupal: What? Who? When? Why?
  • Part 2: Installing Drupal
  • Part 3: Navigating the Drupal interface
  • Part 4: Understanding Drupal content
  • Part 5: Managing Drupal content using content types
  • Part 6: Adding data fields to Drupal content
  • Part 7: Choosing and configuring modules
  • Part 8: Choosing and configuring themes
  • Part 9: Configuring and working with Drupal user permissions
  • Part 10: Building a full Drupal site so that students can practice everything they learned during the class

What will you receive during the course?

  • Forum Support: Six months of forum support with same-day answers to your questions
  • Workbook: A copy of The Drupal Workbook, a book version of the class
  • Videos: Six months of access to a video version of the class you take
  • Cheat Sheets: All the key information from the class in one useful guide
  • Completion certificate: A personalized completion certificate.

Pre-requisites for the course

There are no pre-requisites for this class. We assume that all students in this class start with no Drupal experience.

Class Trainer #1: Steve Burge

Steve is the founder of Open Source Training. Originally from the U.K., he now lives in Atlanta in the U.S.A.. He was a teacher for many years before starting Alledia.com, a web development firm. After several years of full-time web work, he found the desire to teach coming back again and started Open Source Training. He now travels widely teaching people how to use Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. He has been heavily involved in various Open Source projects, writing books, starting user groups and serving as a board member.

Class Trainer #2: Rod Martin

Rod holds two masters degrees and has been training people how to do "things" for over 25 years. Originally from Australia, he grew up in Canada and now resides just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. He has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds, in small companies and large corporations. His extensive open source experience includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Moodle and he really knows how to help you get the most out of the system you chose. Rod plays ice hockey a couple of times a week and rides his Goldwing motorbike pretty much everywhere he can.

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