Open Standards and Document Oriented Storage

Among the goals of Drupal8 is support for UUID's which seems to be well under way. Another topic of interest are further advances in supporting any kind of storage layer, specifically those emerging under the NoSQL umbrella. In this context there are two standards that are of interested: PHPCR and CMIS. PHPCR defines a standardized API for CMS storage with multiple implementations already under way, that heavily draws from the JCR standard. CMIS on the other hand standardizes a communication protocol. Both solutions also define import/export standards which at the very least could help in letting users more easily migrate their data, between servers. But also migrate from JCR/CMIS compatible solutions of which there exists many open source and proprietary products. The goal if this core conversation is to explore the relevance of these standards for Drupal.
Thu, 01:00pm to 02:00pm
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FYI for those that want to dive into the topic a bit ahead of time, check out:

Especially the comments and the various links there in.

Both of these standards look excessively complex, heavy, and developer-unfriendly.

This sessions doesn't have any indication why such a change would really benefit a typical Drupal user, since it would now require(?) a huge middle layer on top of the DB back-end?

@pwolanin: We will cover these concerns in the intro part of the conversation. Short answer is it will provide a simpler API because it will be a lot more consistent than the current various APIs for data access. Plus it will give a clean separation of business logic and storage logic, which will give a ton of potential to optimization for different use cases.

BTW for those interested in CMIS here is a good primer

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