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We switched from CVS to Git! Woohoo!

Oh wait, that's old news, and things haven't moved much in a year. On the one hand, things have been pretty stable and problem-free, which is great. On the other, there are a couple glaring problems (can't grep contrib locally, some projects can't make releases due to invalid character encoding, gitweb is defunct) which still haven't gotten fixed. Plus, all those new and exciting things we were hoping to roll out haven't come to pass.

Much of this is my fault. Like me, personally. Sorry folks - it's been an uncommonly busy year for me. But to help get things rolling and maybe foster some more participation, we're running this BoF, where we'll set a roadmap for what we want to see happen with Git on

Things that'll be on the table:

  • Per-issue repos and/or per-project repos - what do we want?
  • Push events, activity streams, notifications
  • A better/different repo browser
  • Git-level mechanisms for doling out contribution credit
  • Other stuff y'all may have thought of!

This session will be a mix of stuff dictated by the technology we're using, and us actually setting priorities as a community around what the d.o Git folks should focus on. So if you want to help, or at least make your voice heard on these up!

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Coding & Development


Biggest gain from git -- forkable projects. I think that would be a game changer for Drupal projects

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