Faster Mobile Sites

Web Performance Optimization for your Drupal site.

Mobile websites are not known for their fast performance. This combined with the massive uptake in mobile computing over the last few years has cast a bright light on mobile website performance. While the Drupal community has been focused on performance for many years in the form of technologies like memcache, APC, database clusters, and other serving technologies these only minimally impact the performance an end user experiences. On mobile devices 97% of the time a page takes to load happens in the front end. This session will be broken down into 3 parts:
  1. Understanding the technology behind the performance of the mobile web. When you know what causes the slow downs in performance you can spot bottlenecks in your site.
  2. Tools and methods for faster sites. The bulk of the session will highlight tools and methods for faster sites. Many of these will focus on speeding the site up in the front end where the bulk of the page rendering time occurs.
  3. Practical tips you can implement on your site right now. Several tips will be covered you can quickly apply to your site with little effort.


Time slot: 
Wednesday 3:45pm-4:45pm
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
Why are websites so much slower on mobile devices than desktop computers?
Why are websites viewed on computers, like laptops, slower when connected to mobile networks?
What tools should I start using to speed up sites?
What performance improvement methods can I use that have some of the biggest bang for my time?
What simple practical steps can I go apply to my site right now to get started?


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Brian Allen
Principal, Appropriate Technology Group - (206) 973-7374

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