Fabians Performance Hacks

This session is about new and unpublished performance patches and hacks to Views, Context, Blockcache_alter and OpenLayers.


I have a series of unpublished performance related patches that have not yet seen the light of the day, yet or have just been sitting silently in my sandbox, but might be really interesting to people.

All of those patches / hacks will be published and announced on during this session:

* OpenLayers_Quick_Layers: Have you tried using geofield with openlayers_views and a map with 5000 nodes? No, I have and the result is: 280 MB, 2 min load time and all nodes are loaded into memory. But slow is not the entity_load, but the field_attach. We take a quick look via xhprof and see how fast openlayers_quick_layers can make views with a patch of 4 lines and a custom module.

* Blockcache_alter Context Patches: Blockcache_alter is a great module and can really make the difference between 12 secs of load time and 0.3s. However it does not work at all with context. I have patches for both Drupal 6 and 7 to fix that and make blockcache_alter work with context. Those patches will be discussed and released.

* Context Admin Performance: Make the context admin page load muuuuuuuch faster. (Patch already in the queue, but discussing it shortly.)

* Context Hacks - Not performance, but nicer usability ;-)

* Field_Collection - big collection performance patch

* Views_Optimized: Drupal 6 - If a query involves many relationships and a TEXT or BLOB column plus sorting it will be slow as mysql needs to create temporary tables to execute the query. Views Optimized does change that by splitting the query into a select and a filter part and you just need to implement one hook to do so. One hook and your D6 queries are lightning fast.

In the end I would like to discuss debugging performance with XHProf and what others are up to in the field. Also what we could make out of these patches and if the views approach of entity_load is really working so good for all circumstances or if we should optionally go back to the old approach in contrib.

We'll have much fun and I hope you enjoy a nice ride with me into making drupal faster, faster, faster.



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