Native Mobile Application Development on Drupal

Mobile Strategy is becoming critical to brands who want to provide their users with more accessible and interactive information while on the go. Native apps provide a great way for these organizations to adapt their content and features to an integrated mobile experience thats fast and engaging to their users. With the rising popularity of mobile applications, there should be a standard library for Drupal that handles basic underlying mobile architecture. This will allow developers to focus on creating features and compelling user experiences instead worrying about communication with Drupal. In this presentation I will demonstrate how easy it is to setup your Drupal powered website with Services. Ill touch base on the configuration of your apps and libraries so you can get the most out of Drupal inside your native mobile experience. Theres a lot of dos and dont's when it comes to this industry and I will definitely share with you what I've learned.


Time slot: 
Tuesday 1:00pm-2:00pm
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Questions answered by this session: 
What are the options for Native application development?
How to setup Drupal to give information to your mobile device.
How to setup your Mobile Application to communicate with Drupal.
What are some of the challenges in mobile we need to solve.


Interesting topic

The crowd seemed very underwhelmed but this was a fantastic session. The ability to use Drupal as the muscle and pull that data into native mobile applications is fantastic. I will be using this for an upcoming application I am planning. Thank you.

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