Drupal Archeology

Maybe you've inherited a Drupal site from an employee who's left your company. Maybe you're a project manager scoping an upgrade project. Maybe you just can't remember what you did three years ago. This BoF is for people who have Drupal sites they didn't build themselves.

We'll look at contributed modules and free tools to help determine what's going on with an existing Drupal installation. If you have a site in need of excavation or if you're an experienced Drupal archeologist willing to share tools of the trade, join us.

Site Building


This sounds like a great topic and I would love to make it but it looks like I have a conflict. If you have time Thursday evening or some time on Friday I'd love to chat with you to get more info and maybe a debrief on how the BoF went. I've been kicking an idea around for awhile to create an actual business around site visualization including assets and data structures and after recently discovering this blog post it's come back to the forefront for me.


Would you have some time to talk? Thanks.


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