Front End Performance Improvements

According to a study done by Strangeloop, 97% of the time it takes to render a page happens in the front end for mobile devices. For desktop computers it's at 85% of the time. We put performance as a gate in Drupal to help speed it up. The biggest area for gains is in front end performance. This session would be about:
  • A brief explanation of why front end performance is important.
  • Briefly highlight one or two things we've done well and should keep doing.
  • Show how we can incorporate minification into core (even covering some potential legal issues).
  • Show how we can speed up pageloads by moving scripts around in the page.
  • Talk about changing the way we create aggregated js and css so it can be pluggable and split among more processes.
  • Depending on time I can come up with more....
Note, I'm not a lawyer so nothing I'll say is legal advice. But, I have talked to them and know what I'm allowed to do.
Tue, 03:45pm to 04:45pm
Core Conversations
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In case you haven't, check out Assetic and how its integrated into Symfony2.

I'll be here, should be fun.

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Where are the slides posted?

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Great talk; Thanks, I learned a lot.

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