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Dixon Content Staging CoreConversation-Denver-2012 What does content staging mean, and how do we solve it? CMI has made some good progress on separation between content and configuration and we have an initial UUID API in core. But where do we go from here with regards to content staging? What are the next steps (except finishing the UUID implementation)? In this session I want to highlight and discuss that roadmap and some other problems (and possible solutions) that we face if we want to take a deeper stab at this in Drupal 8. One problem is the lacking ability to describe dependencies between entities. How do we move entities around without breaking dependencies and references? Is a declarative property API the solution? A unified relation model? Relation in core?


Follow-up discussions and actions will be held at this BoF about content staging in Drupal 8. Please refer to this g.d.o post for discussions around this conversation.

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dixon_ is the maintainer of Deploy and co-maintainer of UUID, two tools used for building content staging solutions in Drupal 6 and 7.
Tue, 11:15am to 11:45am
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This related a bit to my proposed talk on PHPCR/CMIS. PHPCR also supports UUID as well as the concept of workspaces and references.

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