Variation (AKA "Split" "A:B" "Multivariate") Testing in Drupal

Discussion about the present and future of variation testing in Drupal.

Part of the discussion is intended to be inter-developer discussion about the future of, however, anyone interested in variation testing in any capacity is welcome to share their experience, learn, or profess opinions.

Time slot: 
Site Building
Coding & Development
Business & Strategy


Great to see people interested in Multivariate / AB Testing.

We've initiated the rewrite that recently happened in the Drupal 6.x-2.x branch of Multivariate.
Our current intention is to port this feature set as soon as possible to D7, cleanly applying new entity patterns.

I'm happy to discuss the current evolution and development with you...

We can also have a short look at the architecture, how it finally works and what it provides to a user currently.

I'm going to try to make it to this BOF. I maintain the Webform A/B Testing module, and I'm interested in talking about how we can team up, work together, or share knowledge.

Couldn't make it, but REALLY interested! Will catch up on the twitter, for sure :)

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