Talking Drupal Services: War stories and strategies for getting Drupal sites talking internally and externally

There are a lot of us that are using Drupal as a platform for talking to external APIs or other Drupal sites. A lot of us are using the services module, but there are many other methods and tools out there.

This is a great time to talk about how you're doing things, best practices, seek advice or learn about how Drupal as an API integration platform is a truly amazing thing.

I'm going to be outlining how we are using Drupal and the services module to build an enterprise business backbone. We're using Drupal to create what we refer to as an 'Integrated View of the Customer', a data model and customer/entitlement representation that can directly map to our 3rd party services that we use for marketing, ticketing, and our CRM.

I'd love for others to outline similar things they're doing and discussing the tools and best practices for achieving this end.

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