Project Management / Ops BoF

Project and Portfolio Managers Unite! There weren't many PM track items, so I'd like to have a BoF with fellow PM's to discuss topics like:

- Risk management and mitigation on Drupal projects
- Factoring in the unknown into estimations (module research)
- Strategies to improve project success (what worked for you? why?)
- Lessons Learned and other tricks of the trade on projects
- Resource management on Drupal Projects

Open to other suggestions, and this may evolve as more ideas pop into my head. Hoping to see a good turn out like the last couple of cons!

Business & Strategy


Great, I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks for organizing this! I've started the drupal-PM group on groups. org ( Just waiting for approval.

See you guys there!! :D

Wow, this was a fabulous turn out -- thanks to all who came, I loved our conversation!!! Proof that we need some *real* PM sessions at the con!

I'll send out meeting minutes from our site:, and it'll probably push out to drupal planet at some point.


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