The Nonprofit Social Graph: How Drupal & RDF Can Connect Communities for Change

RDF has taken a long time to come into its own, but is finally starting to see broad adoption, including by search engine companies (Yahoo, Google). Drupal, with its robust support for RDF, has the potential to be a powerful platform for sharing data in a machine-readable format. However, so far most effort in this area has focused on applications of RDF like sharing information about documents or people, such as professors at a university. I would argue that the power of RDF and related technologies to provide a "universal language" for databases to be interrelated could have profound benefits for the nonprofit sector as well.

In this BoF, I will give a general definition of RDF, outline how nonprofits could make use of it, and describe the efforts that my organization, TechMission, is already making to raise awareness of RDF among organizations that hold a significant amount of data on nonprofits. That should take roughly 15 minutes, after which time we can have an open discussion of how the Drupal community, and specifically the Drupal nonprofit community, can get involved.

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