Marketing of Drupal - We are losing the war.

Dave Terry wrote a provocative post late last year titled "A Drupal Crisis Point: Losing the Marketing War"

Many CEOs, sales & marketing people in the Drupal community agree with what Dave had to say. Many of us (yourself included, maybe) have complained that Drupal lacks the excellent marketing that it needed to compete with other platforms. Things like a killer demo site, excellent case studies, proposal drop-ins, media kits, PR (did the press even know when D7 came out?), and industry-specific solution guides.

We've started some grass-roots initiatives like Drupal Business Summits - a unique Drupal experience tailored for CEOs, CMOs, and other C-level business-types. We've organized the Blue Drop Awards to raise awareness about Drupal outside of our community. But, there is much, much more to be done.

This BOF is a critical planning step. We are going to organize around the expressed need from those who are on the front lines selling Drupal. Come tell us what you need and help us figure out the best way that we can build the weapons we need to turn the tide and start winning the marketing war.

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