Learning Management Systems

This BoF is for anyone working on projects related to Drupal as an LMS, replacement for an LMS or successor to LMS technologies. There have been a lot of sessions the first two days for education and this would be a great time to talk about how to push Drupal up and beyond moodle name recognition. It seems that a lot of people are starting to mash up drupal and moodle but no one I talk to seems terribly satisfied with the moodle UX. This can be a place to talk about general and specific needs in the development of learning platforms. This is intended to be a group conversation / round-table encompassing all participants. I will moderate and try to keep the discussion moving forward as needed.

Some points of conversation to get things going:

  • What do you think drupal needs to be considered an LMS?
  • How can we better foster the education and training community at large looking to drupal
  • What modules need built / built out to make drupal a viable LMS?
  • Is integrating with Moodle a sustainable solution or should moodle concepts be ported to drupal
  • Do clients really LOVE Moodle (or Drupal for that matter) in the mashups that have been deployed?
  • General experiences in working with both platforms and ideas around the platforms

This is partly a response to Zach C's sessions yesterday about Education and the need for an Un-consortium as Learning management is one piece of that puzzle.

Nonprofit, Government or Education
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