An Introduction to the LayoutManager

LayoutManager is a new approach to managing per-page layouts in Drupal 7 ( It provides block level control over how a page looks, using common layout 'chunks' you can assemble together to easily build a unique page look and feel. LayoutManager also includes a new mobile page layout tool so you can enable/disable blocks for mobile devices. This is a great compliment to a responsive theme: you can reduce the page size by removing blocks that won't be displayed on mobile devices.

We'll do a walkthrough of the module features and the architecture. We'd love feedback on features, additions and suggestions on how we can integrate the approach with D8.

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Tough timing, Dries's core conversation is at this time as well.

Thanks yoroy, just moved the time ahead to the lunch break on Thursday.

Thanks for the heads up yoroy. We moved the scheduled time for this session to the lunch break on Thursday - we'll do it brown bag style.

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