How to Run a Drupal Business Summit

Time: 2:15PM-3:15PM on Weds March 21
Place: Room 210

In this BoF, we'll be discussing how to plan and effectively run a Drupal Business Summit in your city and why you might want to do that. We'll also talk about how you can:

* setup your site with the new network (we'll be giving a live demo to show how easy it is to set up).
* market your event to bring out the right types of prospects.
* make your program attractive potential attendees.
* raise the funds required to make it happen.

The Drupal Business Summit Network is a community led movement with leadership provided from a number of leading Drupal firms, Acquia and the Drupal Association.

Business & Strategy


Would love to come to this one but clashes with future of Drupal Governance :(

I am planning an event for the end of September here in Brighton, UK as part of the Brighton Digital Festival - would be great to have a recording video/audio if anyone can to see if the format fits.

Colorado mountains