Entity Construction Kit and Data Modeling

Entities are a simple data abstraction. Because they are such a simple abstraction, there is a great opportunity for site architects and site builders to come together and build an awesome infrastructure for intuitive and flexible data modeling.

The Entity Construction Kit (ECK) is a module that is attempting to build that infrastructure on top of the entity system. Currently the driving goal of ECK is to allow a "prototyping style" of site building to be available for Drupal. By "prototyping style" I mean FAST and FREE. With intuitive defaults, and the flexibility of changing your data models any way imaginable, data architects will not have any fears to completely brain dump their ideas straight on Drupal. In the end, after brainstorming and playing with your site's data architecture, hopefully you will have a site that is most of the way functional, and ready to be refined.

This is the main idea at the moment, but at this BOF I hope to hear of more use cases, other ideas that ECK has inspired, or of completely new ideas on how to manage data in an effective way.

If your passion is to architect sites, and to build tools to make it easier, please come and share with us!!!

Time slot: 
Site Building
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Colorado mountains