Drupal Testbot Evolution & RoadMap

The purpose of this BoF will be to identify and discuss various potential options, roadmaps, and evolutionary plans for PIFR, PIFT, and the Drupal automated testing infrastructure.

As identified in http://jthorson.doesdrupal.com/thoughts-on-testbot-evolution ... there are a number of related items which are all coming to a head simultaneously. Whether it's the migration of d.o to D7, discussions on the future of simpletest (Upal and PHPUnit testing?), introduction of potential new testing clients (CodeSniffer, Performance testing, code coverage, project application automation), enabling of sandbox testing, or the recurring 'why not jenkins' question; we are currently at a bit of a crossroads.

These initiatives either enable or require new functionality on the testbots, which will require a significant amount of re-architecting and coding ... and without a firm vision of what we want this platform to look like in the future, we run the risk of wasting our time on throwaway efforts.

My goal would be to come out of this session with i) some discussion on future testbot requirements, ii) discussion and a shortlist of potential evolutionary paths/other tools/items to investigate further, and iii) some 'next step' targets and dates (perhaps even some sprint day goals).

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