Drupal Non-Profit and eAdvocacy Roundtable

A gathering of those using Drupal to engage and empower online, from both the communications/organizing side as well as the technology side.

Come to share what your organization is Doing with Drupal and what you need, to talk about how Drupal 7 has helped and where we still need to work, and to connect with others so we can get there.

Chicago's eAdvocacy Drupal roundtable produced lots of great discussions and projects, this year we plan to iterate on the roundtable format: do you have a specific initiative, need or idea you think others might share? Loving the OpenOutreach distro or how to make the best use of CRM Integration in your online campaigns? We'll pitch ideas for break-out groups then split up into small discussion working groups, with a brief report back and discussion to conclude.

Hope to see you there!

Ps. already have an idea of something you'd like to bring to the table? Please share in a comment below!

Business & Strategy
Nonprofit, Government or Education


Is there a place to signup for the notices around the 'recipes'? I forgot to sign up @ the bof

Hey there - you can put your name and e-mail address here:


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