Drupal in Higher Education

From my last count, there are well over 75 different universities attending DrupalCon Denver. Drupal is making big strides in the higher education world and we should all get together to share our war stories.

This BOF is immediately following the session, CU-Boulder's Journey into Drupal. Members of that team will be available at this BOF for follow up questions, but I'd also like to gives others a chance to share their stories.

Nonprofit, Government or Education


http://groups.drupal.org/node/211118 free unconference, all education and drupal

Seems like a pretty broad topic. Boulder is focused on a CMS I believe. Others use it as a web app framework for grant web applications, an LMS or even as a type of intranet. I suspect this will be more productive if it has some scope or a plan to break up by focus. Really depends on the number of people who show up or if the goal is just to put faces and names to universities.

Higher Ed folks may be interested in the Taming the Multi-site Mess with Monster Menus BoF on Thursday at 2:15-3:15.

Monster Menus allows you to run a single site that contains your whole tree, all content and all users and grant unix-style read/write/append permissions to each portion of the site rather than relying on separate sites to manage access control.

Hans Hoerschelman, was the blonde guy near the wall, mentioned a con for just higher ed and drupal.

Great BoF!

Emilie Nouveau

A few people were curious about our student forum, Viking Village. It's at forum.wwu.edu if anyone would like to check it out.

Derek DeRaps, deraps@oie.gatech.edu. Specifically interested in using Drupal for International Education purposes (study abroad and foreign student web applications).

Jason Howe, Head Drupal SysAdmin.

Interested in Large Scale, Campus wide CMS implementations.

Kevin Paxman, Computing Consultant (our job titles aren't very descriptive)

Drupal developer. kpaxman@uwaterloo.ca

Mike Butsko, Web Platform Dude

Hi all- great session yesterday. I head up the communications programs for the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at CSU. I am new to Drupal, and a one person communication deparatment, which means I am tasked with everything from development to design to content generation for our site: http://sustainability.colostate.edu. We are one of the first people (that I'm aware of) on campus to move towards Drupal, so I'd love to stay connected with a broader highered users group.

Specifically, I'd love to talk with people who are using Drupal for projects beyond just the general website, and how they are using it to support collaborative research or education environments- what has worked for you, what hasn't, and how have your faculty responded to adopting this technology?


Becky Siegel - Occidental College rsiegel@oxy.edu

Sven Aas, web and application programmer.

I'm the one who suggested signing in here, so I'll probably be the last one to do it. It was great to see so many higher education folks (I just wish we had a bigger room); maybe I'll see you at HighEdWeb this fall, which leads me to two plugs/requests:

1) The call for proposals for HighEdWeb is open now. Please consider submitting a proposal about your work with Drupal (or any other part of your job).

2) At least one of you expressed an interest in solutions to the problem of provisioning users for authentication via Shibboleth and the shib_auth module. I'd be grateful if you'd take a look at the contrib module I wrote for this, Shibboleth User Provisioning (shib_provision), which is in beta. We've been using it throughout our Drupal conversion project and will be relying on it in production very soon. Please give it a try and point out any problems or flaws you believe I should address.

I'm @svenaas on Twitter (and easy to find on other social networks). Please stay in touch!

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