The Drupal Contribution Ladder: Develop Learning Materials on Configuration Management and D8 Multilingual Initiatives

Do you have an hour of time to help the Boston Initiative develop learning materials for so others can learn about Drupal core projects?

Over the past six months, the Boston Drupal Users Group has dedicated 1 - 2 hours of each meetup to developing activities and materials to try and make it easier for people to learn about and contribute to Drupal core. At DrupalCon Denver, we’re hoping to get more users involved and develop more materials to help people get into working on various parts of core. In order to have more high-quality materials written for future Drupal contributors, this BoFs will connect lesson writers with two Drupal initiative leaders and their specific topic area within that initiative:

For the first part of the session, a brief overview of their initiative will be offered: its current progress, upcoming roadmap, and potential lesson plan ideas. For the remaining part of the session, attendees will contribute lessons as described in the process mentioned in
Wednesday's Drupal Contribution Ladder session; we highly recommend that you attend that session!

Dialogue may also cover topics like:

  • What are some common myths or oversights around their project goals?
  • What are concepts folks often are confused by?
  • What are some good learning resources out there?
  • And how can community members contribute a lesson plan back to "the ladder?"

If you want to get involved and are unable to none of these Boston Initiative sessions, fill out this contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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