Drupal Commerce Kickstart v2 - "Drupal Commerce for the rest of us"

We are building a new distribution for Drupal Commerce that improves the user-experience of getting up and running on Drupal Commerce. We are aiming to:

* Make it easier for new users to setup a Drupal Commerce store by providing clear examples, smart initial configurations, and very thorough documentation.

* Give users the experience they expect when they install an eCommerce application like a product catalog, shipping options, payment options, coupons, advanced product image features, and more.

* Make good UI choices that solve the problems experienced by 80% of users (aka "Do not try to solve everything for everybody").

* Simplify on-site product management by combining the creation of products with the creation of product displays through the one node form.

* Give more tools to store administrators to help them manage their customers, products, and orders on the back-end of the site.

You can read the full background of this effort on a recent blog post:

During this hour, we plan to present the wireframes and code in progress (right now limited to the inline product form and addressbook). We want your feedback and ideas!

Time slot: 
Colorado mountains