Content Staging in Drupal 7

In this BoF we will discuss content staging, universally unique ids etc, specifically in Drupal 7. Some of the things we will show, demo and discuss:

  • Work being done in different projects for Drupal 7, like Deploy, State Machine, LSD etc.
  • How to consolidate work across those projects
  • Next steps moving towards a working solution in Drupal 7
Site Building
Coding & Development


Hey dixon_,
If you want to give your audience a taste of what's out there in D7 in terms of content staging workflow, especially with respect to publication workflows, then I suggest you cast your net a bit wider than the three modules above. See webchick's great summary:
Even when some of these modules may architecturally not be the best fit for what we're aiming at in D8, these modules and the experiences (good and bad) of the thousands of people that have used them are gold.

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