Build a local development environment

Do you ever want to have a version of Drupal running locally on your laptop? Have a copy of your website to play with so that you don't make mistakes on the production server? Are you interested in the Boston Initiative or Core sprints on Friday, but don't know if you can get up and running soon enough?

Let's show some different ways to get Drupal up and running locally and talk about the various methods to use that setup to easily update pieces of your website on the production server down the road.

Hopefully this will be ideal for beginners and people who have never set up a stack before.

If folks would like to talk about "best practices" and more complex environments and performance improvements, that would be great as well.

Bring your laptop and we'll try to get as many people running as possible.

If you know how to do this already and would like to share and help others get up and running, please swing by.

Time slot: 
Site Building
Coding & Development
Colorado mountains