Backbone.js: the Future of Web (Application) Development with Drupal?

Backbone.js is a lightweight, powerful and exceedingly fun MVC(ish) library for the development of dynamic, responsive user interfaces. The BoF will include a presentation of the Backbone module, a discussion of basic web application development principals, lessons learned and best practices with Drupal, and a showcase of what's possible when we combine Drupal's flexible CMS architecture, support for web services via modules like Service and RestWS and the new breed of JavaScript technologies.

Come to check out an exciting new module, pick up a few tricks, or participate in a conversation around how we can do awesome things with JavaScript and Drupal, in Drupal 6, 7, and...with the (formerly known as) WSCC Initiative...hopefully Drupal 8!

Time slot: 
Coding & Development


Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Backbone.js BoF at DrupalCon on Thursday.

I've posted the slides and a list of Backbone and Drupal Backbone resources to the developer documentation site:

I've also created a Backbone.js Group on g.d.o, for discussion of Drupal Backbone planning and implementation:

Please join!

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