Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Hardware hacking, and connecting Drupal to Weird Things

Arduino and newer, more powerful boards such as the BeagleBoard Bone ( ) and much-hyped Raspberry PI ( ) are causing a revolution in hardware development. Software underwent a democratization with Open Source / Free Software that made construction of large, powerful, complecated systems possible by individuals and small groups. Similarly, buidling embedded systems, robotics, and other ways of connecting computers to the real world are now becoming much cheaper and manageable. (See )

We will meet to discuss these things, trade ideas, and talk about interfacing Drupal to the real world. We'll have some example hardware for you to poke at. Join us !

Coding & Development


Lately I've been working on this: - I'd love to put a web cam on it so some of our remote workers can drive the cam around so to be able to see and converse with everyone in the room, then relay the video to a Drupal site at a minimum for meeting notes.

Maybe you find interesting this project from @TCRobotics where the robot has a cam with Pan & Tilt control:

I'm very interested in this but I'm at the keynote which I also really enjoy attending. If there is any material that comes out of this or good links worth sharing that are related to this, could someone include them in the comments here?

There was no real collection of links or etc that came out of it, it was mainly hands-on show and tell type things. Some people did start a project to make a small robot that was connected to the internet and could be controlled from a Drupal site, and they kept working on that afterwards.

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