amanda.wilson's picture
Amanda Wilson
Field Marketing
mpgeek's picture
eric paul
Senior Software Engineer
Oaktree Digital
deetergp's picture
Scott Deeter
r2integrated's picture
Patrick Wilson
daisytrench's picture
Cathy Snider
Web Developer
University of Colorado Boulder
wylbur's picture
Wilbur Ince
Drupal Developer
KaraGalvin's picture
Kara Galvin
bwood's picture
Brian Wood
Applications Programmer
jfuzzy's picture
John McQueen
Research Assistant
Oregon State University
Jkleier's picture
Jeremy Kleier
Project Manager
WarrenK's picture
Warren Keuffel
Software Engineer
alfredojr's picture
Alfredo Nevarez
Web Designer
University of Colorado Boulder
boerm's picture
Michael Boer
developerweeks's picture
Michael Weeks
CarrSystems Inc
rza0122's picture
Ryan Gass
Barrett's picture
Barrett Smith
US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)
bob.hinrichs's picture
Robert Hinrichs
ISL Consulting
joshmiller's picture
Josh Miller
Technical Communicator
Commerce Guys
dminks's picture
Diane Minks
Website Developer
Focal Point eSolutions
leslieg's picture
Leslie Glynn
Director of Software Engineering
dmcdevitt's picture
David McDevitt
Web Developer
Afilias USA, Inc
evanmwillhite's picture
Evan Willhite
Senior Developer
gregvogl's picture
Greg Vogl
Web Developer
Colorado State University
janineAquino's picture
Janine Aquino
Software Engineer
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO
brandenlhamilton's picture
Branden Hamilton
Web Developer
erinmr's picture
Erin Robinson
Information and Virtual Community Director
Foundation for Earth Science (ESIPFed)
Geijutsuka's picture
Rebecca Macaulay
Website Designer/Developer
Studio RLM
kpedini's picture
Kevin Pedini
Web Developer
TBC, Inc
bhauff's picture
Brandon Hauff
Web Systems Developer
Buckle, Inc.
jefgodesky's picture
Jason Godesky
Web Producer
90.5 WESA
dalin's picture
Dave Hansen-Lange
Technical Lead
codingdesigner's picture
Mason Wendell
Creative Director
simonyost's picture
Simon Yost
Director of Integration
The Journey
tgshannon's picture
Terry Shannon
TG Software Services
logo7media's picture
Tom Sheaffer
Tony Stratton's picture
Tony Stratton
Web Developer
caiovlp's picture
Caio Vitor Luppi de Paula
Software Architect
Ci&T -
peskydonut's picture
Alex Sartan
Web Developer
adamwhite's picture
Adam White
Web Development Consultant
Upper Rapids
lefnire's picture
Tyler Renelle
Drupal Developer
onaz's picture
Joonas Kiminki
Managing Director, Finland
stephbaltimore's picture
Stephanie Dickard
Communications Mastermind
Snake Hill
tdodson's picture
Thomas Dodson
Coordinator, Office for Scholarly Communications
Harvard Library
ledzepfan2928's picture
Michael Wenger
Project Manager
U, Inc.
Michael Campfield's picture
Michael Campfield
HPC Systems Administrator
University of Tennessee, National Institute for Computational Sciences
mdorman's picture
Matthew Dorman
Senior Manager
andrewechidna's picture
Andrew McClenaghan
Digital Echidna
adamfranco's picture
Adam Franco
Senior Software Engineer
Middlebury College
ChrisGphase2's picture
Chris Garing
Recruiting Manager
Phase2 Technology
velebak's picture
Keith Veleba
IT Manager
Tandem Media Network
aantillon's picture
Antonio Antillon
Cristian.Andrei's picture
Cristian Andrei
fndtn357's picture
James R Stone
Drupal developer
Itangalo's picture
Johan Falk
benjf's picture
Benj Fredrick
Drupal Developer
ImageX Media
ajinkya.kulkarni's picture
Ajinkya Kulkarni
Research Associate
University of Alabama in Huntsville
jthorson's picture
Jeremy Thorson
Drupal Testbot Cardiologist
A 'Long Tail' Developer (or SaskTel, if you're looking for the 'day job')
Nathan Smith's picture
Nathan Smith
Principal UI Architect
mattman's picture
Matt Petrowsky
PaulJohnson's picture
Paul David Johnson
Computer Consultant


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